Beyond Berlin performed live on the Awakenings Electronic Music festival in Burton upon Trent, England. It was a 'Dutch Night' because the two other acts were Rene Splinter and Ron Boots together with Frank Dorritke, Harold van der Heijden and Erik van der Heijden. It was a very memorable weekend. We played 3 pieces, 2 new pieces and 1 we played at the E-Live 2013 festival in Oirschot:

  • Heavenly Resurrection
  • No Man's Land
  • Weakness


Ron Barrett has uploaded 2 videos of our performance. The links:





The live recordings from Cosmic Nights 2013 are published on the BandCamp site.




Beyond Berlin will be performing at Awakenings in England on 13 September 2014. We will be accompanied by performances of Ron Boots/Harold van der Heijden/Frank Dorritke and Rene Splinter. So it will be an (almost) Dutch night. Further details can be found on the Awakenings website.

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