Beyond Berlin


Beyond Berlin is the collaboration of two YouTube musicians Rene de Bakker (KeesVangelis) and Martin Peters (Attorks). The goal is to inspire each other to make great analog sequencer based music. The music has it's foundation in the Berlin School of Electronic Music. We try to go back to the basics when analog synthesizers and step sequencers ruled the electronic music. But our influences cannot be ignored and add to the music we make. Hence the name 'Beyond Berlin'.




Rene de Bakker



At age of 15, I became interested in symphonic rock bands and the synthesizers used by them. But it was Time Wind of Klaus Schulze that made me wanting to play a synthesizer. I started with a Korg MS20 and a self build sequencer. Besides Klaus Schulze, I was influenced by all great EM artists of that time like Tomita, Larry Fast (Synergy), Tangerine Dream and Vangelis.

Martin Peters



My interest in music started in the Flower Power era. As a teenage I bought a guitar and via The Beatles, Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd, I discovered Mike Oldfield and symphonic rock. But it was Mike Oldfield who made me decide to play keyboards and buy a synthesizer. My first synthesizer was a Kawai 100F. I also was very interested in Electronic Music and very much liked Synergy and sequencer based music.

A lot of gear followed and I played together with others and experimented with sounds. After a period of silence, I started again and bought new equipment. I now play in a symphonic rock band and make Electronic Music at home for my YouTube channel 'KeesVangelis'.




When I was around 40 years old, I started taking up music as a hobby again, starting with progressive rock. I made my first independent CD in 2002 named Attorks. Later the music went more and more to EM after I became a proud owner of a self made Modular and a sequencer. The music is mostly done with complex sequence patterns which smoothly changes in time. You can listen to my music on my YouTube channel 'Attorks' or on my website www.attorks.nl.

For inquiries, please mail to info@beyondberlin.nl

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